Design is for Everyone! (Nothing “exclusive” about it!)

“Space Styling” , a more contemporary description for “Interior Design & Decoration”, is a form of Art that seeps into the daily life and space of the occupant in a house.

Every colour has an expression, and assists in creating a vibe & mood that can make the environment conducive to what we want and require in the room.

When we started out with interiors, we dabbled with rooms and homes which were small, a 10 x 10 room in a city like Mumbai, where many of the designers had earlier seen limitations, we chose to see a wide canvas to play with! From there began a journey for Art, of creating a range of options for compact rooms that we were now turning into “Moroccon” and “Temple Themes” which were usually believed to be only for large expanses!

What we created along the way, were smiles…experiments with various mixes, and happy clients who believed we performed on the “value for money” criteria remarkably. We had done all types of homes. Different themes, different cities, and a mix of various blends of props. 

This journey then led us to a first request from a client whose home we had done. He requested us to design his sound studio for him. The budget (as mostly are!) was conservative. But the aesthetics were in place. Here we had someone who was clear about what he wanted, understood design and appreciated our efforts to do things differently. 

There is nothing better than a client who allows space to try out things in our own way. And we did just that! Our first commercial / office space project was a huge success with a lot of accolades coming our way after the opening of the studio.

This further took us new experiences and mile stones along the way. 

Over the last decade, we have designed and executed a large number of projects in the Interior Space. Offices, restaurants, showrooms, bank branches, eateries, modified vehicles, homes, weekend homes, farm houses and open air land scaping, are some of the areas we covered in our wide array of projects.

Even today, our pet projects are the ones that have a typical budget correlated expectation of the project. It creates a challenge, it tests our skills and pushes us to the best policies in experimenting with new ideas!



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