Colour your Life with …. Different Strokes!

Different strokes connotes expression; seamless, boundless and infinite.

“Different” clearly depicts the flexible and dynamic nature of the company, experimenting and exploring into newer forays with time. Constant adaptation to newer ideas and verticals.

“Strokes” undoubtedly indicates Art and its forms depicted through strokes of the brush probably the most elementary tool of expression.

We offer Space Styling, Web Design & Development, Branding & design for Print and Innovative Gifting.

Started in year 2005, we have had a consistent commitment to creating design solutions for our clients in the best possible price fit. Having Space styled homes and offices of different sizes and taste, we would only be right to say that we have expertize in providing the “Value for Money” and “Super Luxury” models alike.

This is our little online space where we would like to connect with customers, clients, associates, free lance designers and anybody who basically live and express Art & Design!

Drop by at

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